Friday, October 16, 2009

Perception and The Decision Making Process

Yesterday lectures was really interesting :P Even if there were a looooot of information.

Kotler’s Buyer Decision Process

Buyer decision process is how customers make decision about buying something. They go through five stages.

Some people making shopping go there with list and buy ONLY this what they have on it. However, most of people buy something more. They see some interesting things, cheap, with big discount then they wonder if buy this or no. Most of them take decision to buy it.

Point-of-Purchase - Consumer Decisions in the Store:

An interesting activity which we made was to draw a word picture. What draw a picture using words. We had to draw a person over 50 years old. It’s draw made by my group:

This is an old man (60-70 years old :P)

Here are some examples of words from the draw:
--> feeding birds
--> tea and biscuits
--> comfy chairs

Perceptual maps

Perceptual mapping - marketing research technique in which cunsomer's view about a product are traced or plotted on a chart. respondents are asked questions about their experience with the product in terms of its performance, packing, prize, size, etc. Theses qualitative answers are transferred to a chart.

Perceptual Map UK Confectionery Brands


  1. very very interesting :) i learned something interesting. the image with the old man made from words it's very nice :D

  2. Well done on getting this done so quickly - you are really making progress