Friday, October 2, 2009

First Lecture :)

Fun and games...It is how looked my first lecture.
Nice tutor, good atmosphere and friends :)

I found out that most of people judge others by their appearance. I think that the first impression is important but it doesn't mean that we can know someone very good by how he or she looks. One of proverbs says "Don't judge a book by it's cover". And it's most of the time true. But knowing people well takes time and patience. Although the look shouldn't matter too much it plays a key role, and I don't mean about the characteristics of the body, I mean about the way they dress. Clothes can give some clues about the personality of a human being. Other thing that determine someone's personality are the way he or she acts or speak.

Each of us is unique. None is the same. We can have only common things with each other. I think that every person is different.

One of the things which we had to do was to draw our portraits, to show how we are, but not our faces, just things which reflect our inside, our personality. It was a nice experience. We could describe us by image, not only words. Not every interpretation was correct but most of them suited us. This is how looks my portrait:

On our last hours we went to the computer room to write a blog. I never wrote a blog before and I didn’t know what to write. But everything has a start. It’s interesting because now I can write about everything that comes through my mind and share with it with others :)


  1. I think it`s a good start. i`ll be waiting to see how this evolves. :)

  2. Hi Ewa, finally you're on blogger! Congratulations with your new blog. Happy writing and lots of success in your new year! Looking forward to many posts from you!


  3. Everything is possible...even Ewa writing blog :P

  4. Oh, looks like cool activities :O
    how nice =)

  5. This is great - and four comments already - you'll be going up the goolge in no time :)

  6. very nice blog :* ... i don't judge people by their appearance too (not all the time :P). the best and funniest part is the drawing :D