Sunday, October 25, 2009

Experiment Choices

- in packaging colours are associated with particular tastes or qualities, e.g. PINK, RED associate with something sweet, GOLD with something luxury, exclusive;

So tasty, sweet and luxury ! :P

- colour is also used to convey information about who a product is aimed at or how it is made;
- packing has to show the customers all the attractions and all necessary information about the product;
- bright colours show that the products is fresh and flavour;

- colours of products are linked also to quality;

So ...
The basic function of each product is to satisfied the buyer. Generally it is utility of the product. Beside the basic function a product should perform two additional function. The first one is associated with ease to use the product and the other with their shape and colour.
1. Ease of use of the product is particularly evident in the case of modern electronic products industry e.g. high definition televisions, cameras and computers.

2. The sharp and colours of the products are important in market economy. Customers are offered a wide range of products that satisfied same needs (clothes, cars). At customers choice influence has colour, shape and and other elements which make first impression. Huge importance has packing of the product.

- In marketing, a blind taste test is often used as a tool for companies to compare their brand to another brand. For example, the Pepsi Challenge is a famous taste test that has been run by Pepsi since 1975 as a method to show their superiority to Coca-Cola. Taste tests are also a tool sometimes used by companies to develop their brand or new product.

Gender ads:
Here are some stereotypes used by people about driving women:
* man drives better than woman
* man is good in using machines and woman is not


general impression from the commercial
- combination between the product itself and sentiment of the family
- owning the product = owning happiness
- having happy family belong to one of the achievements in a men's life


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