Saturday, February 27, 2010

Memory and Nostalgia


  1. The ability to recover information about past events or knowledge
  2. The process of recovering information about past events or knowledge.
  3. Cognitive reconstruction. The brain engages in a remarkable reshuffling process in an attempt to extract what is general and what is particular about each passing moment.

Memory Process:

RETRIEVAL is a process whereby informations is accessed from long term memory.


Nostalgia has been described as a bitter-sweet emotion, where the past is viewed with both sadness and longing [Solomon, 2000].

What does make me nostalgic?
  • Main thing which makes me nostalgic is when I miss someone. :( Here an example is that my family live far away from me and everyday I miss them and I am thinking when I see them.

  • Another reason is feeling the sadness when someone who you care about leave you and you still miss him a lot ... :(

When people feel nostalgic their mood change. They are feeling sad all the time. They do not smile, laugh, they avoid contacts with people because they prefer be alone and not to talk about this what makes them feel nostalgic. I think it is important to talk with someone about our problems, to not keep it inside because it won't make feel us better. The same is when people want stay alone. That's wrong! They need someone around and they will feel better for sure. However, they don't believe that. For example me, when I feel sad I want be alone in loud place, even if I know that I should talk with someone and not stay alone but I am so stubborn that I don't want talk with anyone.
People who are nostalgic do not want do anything. If they are doing something, they do it slow. Them tone voice is sad, sounds like they would like to cry. Some people try to hide this because they do not want anyone ask them about their problems, reasons why they are feeling not well.

Using nostalgic music in adverts has some effectivenes at people. 'For marketers, the key is finding the right music and images, which do not even need to directly relate to their products, as long as warm feelings are stirred up. It is the emotion generated from that good feeling that influences people's evaluation of the advertised offer. Recollection provides context and context impacts on how we evaluate things.

Moreover, nostalgia can make us feel that not so much time has passed between then and now, making us feel young(er) again and that we still have a long ways to go and have the time to make it "there." Nostalgia telescopes time and brings it more under our emotional orchestration.' []

'Nostalgia is becoming the marketing tool of the day - or one of them, at least. Nostalgic adverts can play upon that. Often, we'll be convinced a product we loved as a child was better than it really was. You may not think you are taking much notice, but a successful advertising campaign will have lodged a brand name in your mind, so that at some level it becomes familiar. Then, when you scan rows of products on the supermarket shelves, you are more likely to buy one you recognise. For all these reasons, nostalgia can be a powerful advertising technique.' [].

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  1. I'm not sure you really understand the term nostalgia - it is when you feelboth happy and sad not just sad. Can yo ufind some adclips to show the use of nostalgia. There is a great article on warc which will help you with this subject