Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today I am gonna write about this how think women and men. There is difference between women and men thinking. And also about their perception at advertising.

How to impress women?? Obviously there is many ways to do it. For example:

☆ Complement her

☆ Respect her

☆ Kiss her

☆ Care for her

☆ Love her

☆ Hold her

☆ Gifts for her

☆ Support her and be by her side

☆ Romantic moments

How to impress men?? Obviously there are less ways than to impress women :P

☆ Food!

☆ Wearing nice clothes, using perfume, just be beautiful for them


The adverts are carefully crafted bundles of images, frequently designed to associate the product with feelings of pleasure stemming from fantasies and anxieties (Craig 1997).

The use of colors in promotion, advertising and packing sends gendered messages, perhaps the most obvious of which is the association of bright, bold colors with toys for boys and pastels and purples with toys for girls.

Men were far more likely to advertise alcohol, vehicles, or business products while women were found mostly in advertisements for domestic products.

Craig (1997) suggests that in gendered advertisements, associations are made with pleasurable experiences, noting that within patriarchal society men and women seek pleasure differently.

At this ad of perfume we can see that it is obviously for women. The model, flowers, and red colour indicate for this. The most, women attention would pay the red colour.

This ad obviously seem to be for men. First because of the focusing on one product and second because alcohol ads are more likely for them.

So how we can see the women and men perception at advertising is different.

The advertising aimed at:

women - stressed beauty and youth

men - valued ambition and physical strength

Advertising has powerful effect that goes beyond the purpose of selling products to customers, it affects our culture and our views therefore it is extremly persuasuve.

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