Friday, March 19, 2010

Marketing to children

For the beginning here is funny ad :)

Children are becoming a major force in persuading their parents to clean up their act when it comes to the environment. One study showed that one-third of parent have changed their shopping habits to be more environmentally conscious because of they received from their children. Solomon, 2006.

In those times marketers more often try to reach to children because they became them main aim. Nowadays kids are different than in the past. There are differences between children in Victorian Times and children in 21st century.

The Victorians lived over 115 years ado during the reign of Queen Victoria and was a time of enormous change in this country. Most people lived in villages and worked on the land. Families were very important to Victorians. They were usually big. Children knew their place.
  • children had unhappy childhood because they had to work hard to satisfy the needs of their parents because families were very poor and they didn't have money
  • children were hard-working, working long hours
  • there was no education for children from poor families

Children in 21st century are different compring to Victorian times children. Nowadays parents treat them like 'princesses'. Most of parents buy their kids what they want. They do not need to work to get anything from parents.

Why children are called 'little princesses'?

The answer is easy. Nowadays children do not need to work to get anything from parents. It is enough that they will ask them to buy e.g. a toy, cosmetics etc. The big influence for children have comercials. When kids see sometimes on the TV commercials they want them parents buy it. Another factor are peers at schools. When one of kids at the school has soemthing new, trendy etc. most of children want have it too. Children looks also at the celebrities. Sometimes they are trying to be similar as singers, actors etc. They want fashion cloths [which are costly], more often young girls use make-up.
Nowadays children know much about life even is they are still young.

Families in 21st century has been changed a lot. Now people get divorce, re-marry what has huge influence at children life. When at the family was more than one child they can be sepatated.

Children undergo a process of socialization, whereby they learn how to be consumers. Some of this knowledge is instilled by parents and friends, but a lot of it comes from exposure to mass media and advertising. Since children are in some cases so easily persuaded, the ethical aspects of marketing to them are hotly debated among consumers, academics and marketing practitioners. Solomon, 2006.

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  1. good work showing you are reading around the subject - can you find an ad taregting children and / or their parents on You Tube just as an illustration?